Daily evening circles include
(After Mahgrib Salaah during summer months and after Isha Salaah during winter months)

Monday -         Tafseer.
Tuesday -        Darse Hadith.
Wednesday -   Tajweed.
Thursday -       Tajweed.
Friday -           Tajweed.

Everyday after Zuhr Salah - Taleem.

For brothers only, sisters can listen at home via masjid radio transmission. (454.79375)


There are currently Sisters Circles taking place every week.


Group One - Tajweed, memorisation of necessary surahs, Fiqh and general guidance.(Bengali Medium) This group is mainly for elderly sisters and non english speaking sisters.


Every Saturday at 11.00am sisters gather at the first floor of the Masjid via 32 Mount Street entrance.



Group Three - This group is for young mothers who only get free time when children are attending evening Madrasah. Taught by one of the Alimas of Shah Jalal Madrasah, mothers are taught Qaidah, Tajweed and the Tasheel series of kitaabs. This not only advances the mothers knowledge but also equips them with the right knowldge to help their young ones as they progress through Madrasah.


Every Monday at 5:00pm - 7.00pm